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Zhone provides a host of products geared towards the needs of the service provider with legacy networks. Zhone provides extensive support for TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) networks and applications, including Intelligent channel banks with integrated cross-connect capabilities, T1/E1 and sub-rate DSU/CSUs, business class analog modems, network extenders and POTS splitters.

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IMACS 600, IMACS 800, IMACS 900

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Zhone Technologies’ Integrated Multiple Access Communications Server (IMACS) is a highly flexible and
intelligent Integrated Access Device (IAD) that enables service providers worldwide to offer a wide variety of
business communication services efficiently and cost-effectively. Services include Plain Old Telephone Services
(POTS), analog private lines, Digital Data Networks (DDN), Frame Relay, Integrated Services Digital Network
(ISDN), Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) based services, high-speed Internet access and integrated routing.
The IMACS supports V.35, V.11/X.21, HDSL, T1, E1, fractional T1, fractional E1 and DS3 network interfaces. For
user connectivity, a variety of interfaces are available to support analog and digital devices.
An integrated Digital Cross Connect is available to consolidate multiple voice, data and T1/E1 services. In addition,
IMACS offers a powerful array of built-in network diagnostic and fault isolation capabilities. These include built-in
Bit Error Rate Testers, test tone and signaling state generation, digital and analog loop-back support and remote
configuration and control. The Server slots on the IMACS platform enable provisioning advanced services such as
voice compression (ADPCM and ACELP), ISDN call handling, Frame Relay switching and concentration, MCC
and ATM adaptation.
Three types of IMACS chassis are available. The IMACS 600, IMACS 800 and IMACS 900 differ in their card
capacity and front or rear card install options. All models support the same range of modular cards, power supplies
and system redundancy options. All IMACS systems can be fully managed either with local craft interface with a
VT100 or PC or through a network management system using SNMP.
The IMACS is a component of a complete line of managed, integrated access solutions from Zhone Technologies.
Figure 1 shows how the service provider can deliver a complete suite of fast, efficient and reliable business
communication services to the customers by deploying the Sechtor 300, IMACS, the StreamLine and the Z-Plex 10.

IMACS Features and Benefits

Flexibility and Intelligence
Global Standards Compliant—ensures product can be integrated in any international telecommunications network.
Provisioning for extensive array of services and applications—flexibility which enables providers to generate
revenues without replacing existing equipment.
Concurrent support for Circuit, Packet, Frame, and Cell processing—single solution for service providers to use
rather than purchasing and managing multiple boxes and networks.
Cost-effective migration path to emerging access services and technologies - investment protection.
SNMP Manageable—industry-wide accepted standard for network management a Remote software download
capability—time and technical support resources savings.

Modular Architecture
Ease of service and capacity expansion—preserves existing investment and reduces any need to forklift upgrade
from old equipment.
Flexibility of provisioning technologies using multi-bus architecture- analog, digital, packet, frame, cell, etc.—
enables carriers to offer various services and be a “one-stop” provider which generates more revenues.
Interchangeable set of User, WAN, and Server cards determine application set.
Well-designed chassis to fit into a variety of standard racks.

Powerful User Interface and Remote Management Capabilities
Fully configurable through software—locally and remotely—eliminates need to send out technical support
personnel to multiple sites, saving time and money.
Remote software upgrade capability on various cards—eliminates need to purchase new cards.

System Integrity Features
Low power consumption.
Single chassis redundancy of power supply, CPU, network interfaces and converter.
Choice of clock synchronization sources with automatic clock fallback to alternate choice.

Ease of Maintenance and Enhancement
Multiple maintenance ports for WAN, data and voice modules.
Extensive system-wide built-in diagnostics and fault isolation tests.
Continuous alarm monitoring.
Local and remote alarm logging.
Easy access to customer technical support.
Hot swappable cards.

IMACS Architecture Overview
The IMACS chassis architecture supports three types of buses and five card types. The buses are the:
• User
• Server
Communicating through the buses are the following five card types:
• User
• Server
• Interface
Each system has at least one CPU, WAN and one Interface card. These three cards provide common functions for
the shelf. The WAN, User, and Server cards provide the specific voice/data terminal and network interfaces and
processing required by the customer to transfer voice and data traffic from the customer premise to the network.
IMACS architecture has specific card slots, which are tailored to provide either a WAN, User or Server function.


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