RAD ASMi-54 SHDSL.bis Modem


• 2/4/8-wire managed modem with full-duplex data rates
   of up to 5.7 Mbps over 2-wire and 22 Mbps over 8-wire lines
• SHDSL bonding per IEEE802.3ah and ITU-T G.991.2
• SHDSL ITU-T G.991.2 and ETSI 101524 compliance
• 4-port 10/100BaseT interface with integrated switch

ASMi-54 is a simple, cost-effective, dedicated managed G.SHDSL.bis modem that extends the range of high-speed
services over existing copper pairs. The modem is used for point-to-point Ethernet service extension at rates of up
to 22 Mbps using bonding technology,  Using TC-PAM 16 or TC-PAM 32 line coding SHDSL.bis technology, the modem can
operate in full-duplex mode over 2-wire lines at data rates of up to 5.7 Mbps.

The DSL line can either adapt its rate to the condition of the line (noise, loop attenuation, etc.) or can operate at a
fixed rate as selected by the user. ASMi-54 can operate as a CO device or a CPE device according to user configuration.
EFM Bonding
EFM bonding ensures that a failure or addition of a link does not drop the traffic being transmitted over the other wires in the group, nor is the capacity of the group decreased when a new link is added at a lower rate.
Ethernet Support
ASMi-54 supports up to four Ethernet 10/100BaseT ports with half/full-duplex autonegotiation and flow control. Fault propagation enables the unit to shut down the Ethernet user port when an SHDSL line failure is detected. For LAN-to-
LAN connectivity, the modem supports a built-in 10/100BaseT switch and VLAN transparent support.
Quality of Service
The 802.1D, DSCP, and Per Port priority schemes allow users to define different QoS levels according to application requirements.
QoS prioritizes the LAN packet towards the DSL line according to four levels of priority. The user can activate or deactivate the priority mechanism, and each priority (VLAN priority, DSCP or per port) can be configured and mapped to one of four priority queues.
The ASMi-54 unit can be managed using the following connections:
• Local RS-232 terminal
• Telnet server, SNMP (Ver.1)
• Web server (ConfiguRAD)
• Inband management with or without dedicated VLAN.
The ASMi-54 2-wire and 4-wire devices are supplied in plastic enclosures while the 8-wire device is supplied in a metal enclosure. A metal rail mount enclosure is available for 2-wire and 4-wire devices. All are standalone modems that can also be mounted as one or two units in a 19-inch rack using RAD’s optional rack mount kits (see Ordering).
The plastic and metal enclosures are also available in extended temperature versions (by special request).
Figure 1. High-Rate Services over SHDSL

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  • Impedance  135Ω
  • Line Interface Connectors Line Type 2-wire/4-wire: 1x RJ-45
    Symmetrical PSD 8-wire: 2 x RJ-45 2/4/8-wires unconditioned dedicated line Compliance (twisted pair) ITU-T G.991.2, ETSI TS 101524
  • EFM Bonding Per IEEE802.3ah and ITU_T G.991.2 CONTROL PORT
  • Line Coding Interface
    16 or 32 TC-PAM V.24/RS-232
  • Line Rate Type
    192 to 5696 kbps with steps of DCE n x 64 kbps for each 2-wires Format Range* 7 or 8 bits; odd, even, or no parity (26 AWG, noise-free) Data Rate Rate [kbps] Range [km] 9.6, 19.2, 115.2 kbps 192 8 Connector 9-pin, D-type, female
    1536 5.7 2048 5.1 ETHERNET PORTS 4096 3.9 Interface  4608 3.5 10/100BaseT5696 2.9 Connectors 4 x RJ-45

Table 1. Modem Comparison Chart
ASMi-54 ASMi-52


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