RAD ASMi-52 SHDSL Ethernet Modem and Mux


• SHDSL modem for effective provisioning of TDM and Ethernet data
   services at the rates of up to 4.6 Mbps
• Ethernet and E1 or serial data services multiplexed over SHDSL
• Operating range of up to 10 km (6.2 miles) on 24 AWG
• Data rates between 64 kbps and 4608 kbps
• Special rail-mount metal chassis for railways applications


Dedicated managed SHDSL modem for Ethernet, E1 and serial services over 2- or 4-wire copper lines
ASMi-52 is an SHDSL modem/multiplexer for data and voice that operates in full-duplex mode over 2-wire and 4-wire lines.
Multiple data rates in the range of 64 to 4608 kbps are supported. The data rates depend on the line interface, DTE interface types, and operating clock modes. ASMi-52 employs standard SHDSL TC-PAM technology to extend the transmission range, thus enabling carriers to reach more customers at lower costs.

The following DTE interfaces are available: X.21, V.35, RS-530, and G.703/G.704 E1 or T1. For LAN to-LAN connectivity using
SHDSL technology, the modem features a built-in 10/100BaseT bridge Ethernet port with VLAN functionality.
When equipped with two interfaces, the standalone ASMi-52 units combine and multiplex user traffic over the SHDSL link.
The following DTE combinations are available:
• Serial Port (V.35, X.21, RS-530) + LAN
• E1 + LAN
• E1 + serial port (V.35, X.21, RS-530).
Note: T1 multiplexer units are not available.
4-wire line interface modems can be configured to operate over 2-wire lines.
The modem uses an Embedded Operation Channel (EOC) for controlling and monitoring the remote unit. The management channel uses SHDSL overhead bits in compliance with ITU-T G.991.2 requirements, operating without interfering with the data transmission. ASMi-52 units can operate opposite centrally located LRS-24 racks with ASMi-52CD or ASMi-52CQ cards, DXC-8R/10A/30 chassis with D4SL/D8SL modules, MP-2100 chassis with MSL-8 modules or MP-4100 chassis with the M8SL modules.
User-configurable low-speed mode is available for units with serial and LAN interfaces. In this mode ASMi-52 operates at 64/128 kbps (2-wire) and 128/256 kbps (4-wire) data rates when working opposite devices with E1 DTE interface. The maximum data rate in low-speed mode is 2048 kbps. Up to eight SHDSL repeaters can be installed in line to increase the operation range of E1 based modems. ASMi-52 provides basic management of the repeaters.
The minor and major alarms can be relayed to a remote alarm device via an optional terminal block port.

QoS is enhanced by prioritizing the LAN packets to the DSL line according to four levels of VLAN priorities. The user can enable or disable the VLAN priority, and each VLAN priority (0–7) tag can be configured to one of four classes of priority level.
BER test can be performed by the ASMi-52CQ cards and multiplexer standalone units on each serial interface.
The BERT generates and receives four different test patterns. ASMi-52 is available as standalone plastic, metal, and metal rail mount enclosures, and dual- or quad-modem cards for installation in LRS-24 racks. The plastic and metal enclosures are also available in extended temperature versions (by special request). ASMi-52 CARDS Both ASMi-52CD and ASMi-52CQ cards include serial, Ethernet and E1 interfaces. In addition, ASMi-52CQ cards also feature a T1 interface option. ASMi-52CD contains two SHDSL modems that operate over 4-wire lines. ASMi-52CQ contains four SHDSL modems that operate over 2-wire lines.
ASMi-52CD and ASMi-52CQ operate in internal, external and system timing modes.
Supervision and configuration activities are performed using an ASCII terminal, IP hosts using the Telnet protocol, Web-based ConfiguRAD, or RADview-EMS (Java-based, modular, client-server, scalable element management system), providing secure configuration and fault management capabilities. The terminal port supports a dial-up modem connection for remote management of ASMi-52 over telephone lines. SNMP management can be performed via a 10/100BaseT port or a dedicated E1/T1 timeslot.
Notes: When ASMi-52 is ordered only with the 10/100BaseT port, it is used to transfer the user and management data. Comprehensive diagnostic capabilities include:
• Real-time alarms to alert the user on fault conditions
• V.54 local analog and remote digital loopbacks
• SHDSL and E1/T1 statistics collection or 15-minute and 24-hour intervals.

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Specifications (Text Version):
Line Interface
Type: 2/4-wire unconditioned dedicated line
(twisted pair)
Line Coding
See Table 1
ITU-T 991.2, ETSI 101 524.
ASMi-52: RJ-45
ASMi-52CD: Two RJ-45
ASMi-52CQ: Four RJ-11 or terminal block
Data Rate
Depends on the DTE/line interface type
and clock mode:
2-wire: 64 to 2304 kbps (ext. clock)
64 to 2048, 2304 kbps (int. clock)
64 to 1536 kbps (T1)
4-wire: 128 to 4608 kbps (ext. clock)
128 to 4096, 4608 kbps (int. clock)
64 to 1536 kbps (T1)
Note: The multiplexer option operates at up to
2048 kbps only.
128 to 4608 kbps (ext. clock)
128 to 4096, 4608 kbps (int. clock)
128 to 2048 kbps (system. clock)
64 to 2304 kbps (ext. clock)
64 to 2048, 2304 kbps (int. clock)
64 to 2048 kbps (system. clock)
64 to 1536 kbps (T1)
E1: HDB3
T1: B8ZS or AMI
Line Impedance
Balanced E1: 120Ω
Unbalanced E1: 75Ω (via adapter cable)
Balanced T1: 100Ω
E1 Jitter Performance
As per ITU G.823Interface and Connectors
X.21: 15-pin, D-type, female
V.35: 34-pin, female
RS-530: 25-pin, D-type, female
G.703/G.704 E1: RJ-45
T1: RJ-45
ETH (10/100BT bridge with VLAN support): RJ-45
V.35, X.21, RS-530: 2 × SCSI-26
IR-ETH/QN (10/100BaseT bridge with support): 2 × RJ-45
E1 balanced: 2 × RJ-11
E1 unbalanced: 25-pin, D-type, female
V.35, X.21, RS-530: SCSI-68
ETH (10/100BT bridge with VLAN support): RJ-45
E1 balanced: 4 × RJ-11
E1 unbalanced: 25-pin, D-type, female
T1: 4 × RJ-11
Management Ports
V.24/RS-232 CONTROL Port
Interface: V.24/RS-232 DTE
Connector: 9-pin D-type, female
Format: asynchronous
Baud rate: 9.6 to 115.2 kbps
Ethernet Port
Interface: 10/100BaseT
Connector: RJ-45 shielded
Alarm Ports
Type: Dry relay contacts for major and minor alarms



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