Loop-H3310 G.SHDSL

Distances vary by line speeds, wire thickness and
environmental factors, depending on max n.
E1, or V.35, X.21 DTE interfaces.
Uses industry standard 16PAM or proprietary 32PAM
line format.
Support line power
Support 1-pair or 2-pair G.shdsl lines
Software Download Firmware
Multi-color LED indicators
As slave to the Loop-H3300 master series
The Loop-H3310 provides high speed digital transport over
a single copper pair using standard 16PAM or proprietary
32PAM technology. Versatility of this series comes from a
choice of digital interfaces and a choice of line rates, with
the lower line rates applicable to longer reaches.
Repeaters are available for extending the reach beyond a
single span.

This stand-alone version is intended for customer premises installation only.

By installing in conjunction with a with
Loop-H3300 at the central office, Loop-H3310 can provide a high speed data link with DTE interfaces (V.35, X.21).
The Loop-H3310 supports configuration and diagnostics
from a local or remote terminal. This allows execution of in-service diagnostics and fault isolation.

Ordering Information

To specify options, choose from list below:
Note: RoHS compliant units are identified by the letter G appearing immediately at the end of ordering code.



(non RoHS compliant) (RoHS compliant) Description
11 Available Available V.35 DTE interface with M34 connector
44 Available Available X.21 DTE interface
E75 Available Available 75 ohm BNC E1 interface
E120 Available Available 120 ohm Twisted Pair RJ48C E1 interface
ERF Available Not available 75 ohm RF-coaxial E1 interface


For E1: kk for multi-rate 200Kbps 2056 Kbps (1-pair)mm for multi-rate 200Kbps 2056 Kbps (2-pair)

For DTE:kk for multi-rate 200Kbps 2.3 Mbps, and 4.6Mbps (1-pair)mm for multi-rate 200Kbps 2.3 Mbps, and 4.6Mbps (2-pair)


(non RoHS compliant) (RoHS compliant) Description
P1 Available Available -48 Vdc
P2 Available Available 100-240 Vac (For AC choose an appropriate power code)
P4 Available Not available DC power from line
P6 Available Not available -48 Vdc with sealing current looped
P7 Available Not available 100-240 Vac with sealing current looped
P8 Available Not available -24 Vdc

PP2, PP3=

P1 for -48 Vdc P4 for DC power from line

ODS for outdoor box in small size ODM for outdoor box in middle size

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Loop-H3310 Applications:



E1 Interface

Line Rate 2.048 Mbps 50 PPM Framing ITU G.704

Line Code HDB3 Connector BNC/RJ48C

Input Signal ITU G.703 Output Signal ITU G.703

Compatible with E1 ISDN PRI Electrical 75 Coax/120 twisted pair

DTE Interface (V.35, X.21)

Data Port Single DTE

Data Rate n x 64 Kbps (up to line rate)

Connector M34 connector for V.35 interface, DB15 for X.21 interface

G.shdsl Line Interface

Line Code 16/32-TCPAM, full duplex with adaptive echo cancellation

Electrical Unconditioned 19-26 AWG twisted pair

Connector RJ45

Sealing Current Max. 20ma sink current

Line Rate available N x 64K+8, N = 3 to 36

For 1-loop: 64k to 2304 kbps Data Rate available

For 2-loop: 64k to 2304 kbps Note: For two loops (two pairs) the customer can set the line rate (N

x 64K+8) at any setting from N=3-36. The maximum data rate will automatically be equal to the

line rate x 2. Intermediate data rates between 36 and the maximum data rate are not supported.

Eg. If the line rate is set at 35, available data rates are 3-36 and 70.

Maximum Bit Rate 4.6Mbps


Source G.shdsl looped, Internal at 32ppm, or E1/DTE

Mode Plesiochronous, Synchronous, Hybrid (downstream synchronous, upstream plesiochronous)

Console Port

Connector DB9S at front panel

Electrical RS232 interface (DCE)

Protocol Menu driven VT-100 terminal

System Configuration Parameters (All in non-volatile memory)

Active Configuration Current working configuration

Default Configuration Manufacture default configuration

Diagnostics Test

G.shdsl Loopback To-LINE, To-Line-payload, ITU-T V.54 (manufacture option)

E1 Loopback To-E1, To-LINE

DTE Loopback To-DTE, To-Local

Front Panel

Multi-color LED Indicators


Dimensions 210 x 41.5 x 140 mm (WxHxD)

Power Switched 100-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz., 48Vdc, or 24Vdc

Temperature range 0 50 C

Humidity 0 95% RH (non-condensing)

Mounting Desk-top stackable

Rack Mount tray available



Dimension For middle box : 400 x 300 x 100 mm (WxHxD)

For small box : 300 x 220 x 100 mm (WxHxD)


Temperature range 0 50 C

Humidity 0 95% RH (non-condensing)


Rating IP-55, IP-67


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