Loop-H3300S G.SHDSL

  • V.35, X.21, EIA530, Router DTE interfaces, E1 interface, or T1   interface.
  • Distances vary by line speeds, wire thickness and environmental   factors, depending on max n. 
  • Uses industry standard 16PAM line format. 
  • A pair of Loop-H 3300 can be configured as DTE at one end and   E1/ T1at the other in bridge application.
  • Software Download Firmware
  • Remote Download Firmware
  • Multi-color LED indicators 
  • Optional front panel keys and 2-line by 16-character display.
  • Each unit can be set to be either master or slave.
  • Standard compliance:   For E1-HDSL, ETSI RTR/TM-03036 and ETSI TS 101 135   (formerly ETR 152).   For G.SHDSL, G.991-2, G.994-

The Loop-H3300 provides high speed digital transport over twisted copper pairs using 16PAM technology. Versatility of this series comes from a choice of digital interfaces and a choice of data rates, with the lower data rates applicable to longer reaches. Repeaters are available for extending the reach beyond a single span. This stand-alone version is intended for customer premises installation while the rack version is for central office use. Either version, installed in pairs, can provide: (a) an E1/ T1 link, with E1/ T1 interfaces, (b) a high speed data link with DTE interfaces, or (c) a data access to E1/ T1 with DTE interface at one end and E1/ T1 at the other, as shown in the application illustrations. The Loop-H also supports an integral router. This router can be connected directly to a LAN for transport of information out to the network, avoiding the cost and space of an external router.

Ordering Information

To specify options, choose from list below: Note: RoHS compliant units are identified by the letter G appearing immediately at the end of ordering code.


(non RoHS compliant) (RoHS compliant) Description
11 Available Available V.35 DTE interface with M34 connector
22 Available Available V.35 DTE interface with DB25 connector
33 Available Available EIA530 DTE interface
44 Available Available X.21 DTE interface
55 Available Available RS232 DTE Interface
88 Available Available T1 interface
E75 Available Available 75 ohm BNC E1 interface
E120 Available Available 120 ohm Twisted Pair RJ48C E1 interface
BR Available Available Bridge interface
RT Available Available Router interface
For E1/ DTE: kk for multi-rate 200K -2056 Kbps (1-pair)
mm for multi-rate 200K -1032 Kbps (2-pair)
For T1: tk for multi-rate 200K - 1544 Kbps (1-pair)
tm for multi-rate 200K - 776 Kbps (2-pair)
(non RoHS compliant) (RoHS compliant) Description
P1 Available Available -48 Vdc (20-60 Vdc)
P2 Available Available 100-240 Vac (For AC choose an appropriate power cord)
P3 Available Not available -48 Vdc with line power source
P4 Available Not available DC power from line
P6 Available Available -48 Vdc with sealing current looped
P7 Available Available 100-240 Vac with sealing current looped (For AC choose an appropriate power cord)
P9 Available Available 100-240Vac and –48Vdc (20-60 Vdc)selectable (Choose an appropriate AC power cord)

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E1 Interface
Line Rate 2.048 Mbps ± 50 PPM Framing ITU G.704
Line Code HDB3 Connector BNC/RJ48C
Input Signal ITU G.703 Output Signal ITU G.703
Compatible with E1 ISDN PRI Electrical 75Ω Coax/120Ω twisted pair
T1 Interface
Line Rate 1.544 Mbps ±50 bps Framing D4 / ESF (selectable)
Line Code AMI / B8ZS Connector RJ48C
Input Signal DS1 ABAM cable length up to 655 feet Output Signal DSX1
DTE Interface
Data Port Single DTE
Data Rate n x 64 Kbps (n = 1 to 32 except for RS232)
Connector DB25 or M34 connector for V.35 interface
DB25 connector for EIA530 and RS232 interfaces
DB15 connector for X.21 interface
Note: For RS232 DTE Interface
SYNC: 64K, 128K

ASYNC (Use for oversampling): Select SYNC 64K for ASYNC 1.2K, 2.4K, 4.8K, 9.6K, and 19.2K Select SYNC 128K for ASYNC 1.2K, 2.4K, 4.8K, 9.6K, 19.2K and 38.4K

Router Interface

Number of Ports 1 Physical Interface 10/100 Base-T Connector RJ45 Supported Routing

Protocol RIP-I, RIP-II

Data Rate N x 64 Kbps up to E1 capacity, 15,000 frames per second Supported Protocols TCP/IP, PPP, HDLC


Data Port: Single Ethernet Physical Interface: 802.3 10BaseT, 802.3u 100BaseTX Connector: RJ45 Bridge function Auto-negotiation VLAN frames and extended frame size of 1532 bytes without CRC for Bridge interface are supported 10/ 100 Mbps half/ full duplex ethernet bridging and 100 Mbps operation on the HDLC port ANSI/ IEEE Std. 802.1D MAC Bridging capabilities (without spanning tree algorithm) Automatic MAC table learning and aging Support VLAN and extended Ethernet frame support

Performance Monitor (E1/ T1)

Performance Store The last 24 hours performance in 15-minute intervals and last 7 days in 24-hour summary Monitor Registers Network, E1/ T1/ DTE, and remote site Performance Reports Errored Second, Unavailable Second, Severe Errored Second Alarm History Alarm Type, Loop1, Loop2, E1/ T1(LOS, ES, SES), and DTE Clock Loss Alarm Queue Contains 40 alarm records which record the latest alarm type, and date & time

xDSL Line Interface

Full duplex with adaptive echo cancellation 16PAM line coding Unconditioned 19-26 AWG twisted pair Line Rate available 200, 264, 392, 520, 776, 1032, 1160, 1544, or 2056 Clock xDSL looped, Internal, or E1/ T1/ DTE Console Port

Connector DB9S at front panel Electrical RS232 interface (DCE) Protocol Menu driven VT-100 terminal

System Configuration Parameters (All in non-volatile memory)

Active Configuration Current working configuration Default Configuration Manufacture default configuration

Diagnostics Test

xDSL Loopback To-DTE, To-LINE

DTE Loopback E1 Loopback T1 Loopback Slave Loopback

Front Panel

Keypad 4 keys: LCDLED Indicators


Dimensions Power

DC Voltage AC Voltage

Temperature range Humidity Mounting



To-DTE, To-LINE To-E1, To-LINE To-T1, To-LINE DTE-Side, Line-Side (through EOC and V.54)

left arrow, right arrow, ESC, and ENTER 2-line by 16-character

216 x 55 x 285 mm (WxHxD)7 Watts max without line power or 22 Watts max with line power

-48 Vdc (20-60 Vdc)100-240 Vac

0 – 50 °C 0 – 95% RH (non-condensing)Desk-top stackable, Rack Mount tray available

EN55022 EN50081-1 EN50082-1 EN60950 G.991-2, G.994-1


Dimension Environment (Large Box) For H3300 and H3900: 40 x 30 x 20cm (WxHxD)
Temperature range 0 – 50 °C
Humidity Compliance Rating 0 – 95% RH (non-condensing) IP-55, IP-67

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