Loop-C5400 Integral Access Shelf

  • Chassis for 15 plug-in cards.
  • Two power supplies: –48 Vdc or 220 Vac, redundant and hot-swappable
  • SNMP port and Ethernet port are supported
  • SNMP and LoopView are supported
  • Accepts cards of type:
  • LOOP-O 9610-R (10/100 Base-T to 100 BaseFx Ethernet media converters) *
  • Loop-U3510 rack card (G.703-64K bps no SNMP)
  • Loop-E1510 rack card (no SNMP)

    * future option

The Loop-C5400 shelf is designed to be used as the card holder of the point-to-point fiber optical Ethernet media
converters or CSU/DSU devices at the central office. The type of plug-in card can be either the low-cost
non-manageable card or the managed card. The plug-in cards with different type can be mixed together.
The C-5400 serves as a collection of stand-alone devices at the central office. Each line card is equivalent
to a stand-alone media converter O9610-S or CSU/DSU device (E1510 or U3510). No traffic flow between cards on this system.
By offering point-to-multiple-point leased line service, the C-5400 is a perfect solution for LAN-WAN applications
(headquarter to several remote branches over fiber optical links)
All line cards for Loop-C5400 are hot swappable. Some line cards are equipped with DIP switches for parameter settings.
Some cards support LoopView SNMP network management. All line cards have LED indications.

Ordering Information

To specify options, choose from list below:

  • Loop-C5400-RC Basic Shelf

  • Loop-C5400-CC Controller card (future option)

  • Loop-C5400-AC Single AC 220 Vac/50Hz supply (Order two for redundancy)

  • Loop-C5400-DC48 Single DC supply (48Vdc) (Order two for redundancy)

  • Loop-C5400-UM User’s Manual (paper, hard copy-optional)

A CD version of the manual is already included as standard equipment.

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Integral Access Shelf
Hot pluggable plug-in cards
15 slots for the general-purpose plug-in cards
Each line card is fully independent
AC/DC Power Redundancy
Front Panel

LED display and Dip-switch are available on the front side of the shelf  

Rear Panel

Line interface connectors are available on the rear side of the shelf  

Support Hot-pluggable and redundancy
Support LED indicators
Load sharing between the primary and redundant power cards.
Up to 50 Watt (DC power supply) or 50 Watt (AC power supply).
AC power supply (100-240Vac)

Dimensions 438x176x290 mm (WxHxD) each rack cage can have 15 plug-in cards, 2 power modules and 1 SNMP controller card Power 2-3 watts per card, 50 W for DC or 50W for AC Temperature 0 - 50°C Humidity 0 - 95% RH (non-condensing) Mounting Desk-top stackable, 19/23 inch rack mountable.


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