Loop-AM3440 -A/B Magneto Interface Card

  • 12 telephone connections for Magneto
  • Supports MRD (Manual Ring-down)
  • Supports Magneto to FXS speak PLAR function
  • Supports dual type L1/L2 and L1/GND magneto phone or MRD
  • 16Vrms minimum detectable ring

Loop Telecom’s twelve channel MAG plug-in card is designed to occupy a full slot of the Loop-AM3440-A device.
This module allows communications between magneto telephones. With the card set in PLAR mode
communications can take place between a magneto telephone and a regular telephone. All signaling is carried
transparently by the digitizing process.

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Single Slot

non RoHS
RoHS compliant Description
Loop-AM3440-12MAG-1G Loop-AM3440-12MAG-1G-G 12-channel Magneto plug-in module w/ L1.GND
Loop-AM3440-12MAG-12 Loop-AM3440-12MAG-12-G 12-channel Magneto plug-in module w/L1, L2
Loop-AM3440-12MAG-1G2 Loop-AM3440-12MAG-1G2-G 12-channel Magneto plug-in module w/L1, L2,and L1.GND

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Product Specifications
Magneto Interface Card for Loop-AM3440 Series Product Specifications
Magneto (old crank-handle hot-line telephones), MRD (Manual Ring Down) Voice Card
Connector RJ11 x 12
Alarm Conditioning CGA busy after 2.5 seconds of LOS, LOF
Encoding A-law or μ-law, user selectable together for all
Impedance Balanced 600 or 900 ohms (for magneto telephone impedance )
Longitudinal Conversion Loss > 46dB
Gain Adjustment -21 to +10 dB / 0.1dB step transmit & receive
Signal/ Distortion > 25dB with 1004 Hz, 0dBm input
Frequency Response - 0.25 to -1 dB from 300 to 3400 Hz, coincide with ITU-T G.712
Idle Channel Noise Max. –65 dBm0p
Minimum Detectable Ringing Voltage
16 Vrms
Ringing Detectable Across L1 and L2 (Tip and Ring), L1 and GND (Tip and GND)
Ringing Generation Voltage: 76 Vrms (sine wave)
Frequency: 20Hz
Cadence: 1 sec on 2 sec off, or 2 sec on 4 sec off
Ringing Send Across L1 and L2 (Tip and Ring), L1 and GND (Tip and GND)
Signaling Magneto MRD(Ringing across Tip and Ring or Tip and Ground)
Signaling Bit A,B,C,D Programable
􀁹 Signaling is carried transparently by the digitizing process.
􀁹 Use Magneto card default setting for communications between magneto telephones
􀁹 Use Magneto card PLAR mode setting for communications between a magneto telephone and a regular telephone


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