Loop-AM3440 - Dry Contact Interface Card


Dry Contact Inputs
- 8 pairs per card (2 ports per card, 4 pairs per port)
- Connector: RJ45
- Collect dry contact input signals and send alarm traps to VT100 via console & LoopView EMS management system
- Collect dry contact to be transferred via the E1 or fiber optic cable to a dry relay contact output
- Electrical Characteristics:
• Internal Resistance: 1K
• Activation Current: 3ma
• Deactivation Current: 1.5 ma
• Allowable Current: 4ma
Dry Contact Outputs
- 8 pairs per card
- Connector: Screw
- Enable dry contact output signals through instructions from VT100 via console & LoopView EMS management system
- Enable dry contact from the E1 or fiber cable to a dry relay contact output
- Support Normal Closed/Open
- Electrical Characteristics:
• Max Current: 5A
• Max Voltage: 100Vdc, 250Vac
• initial insulation resistance: Min. 100M ohm (at 500V DC)
• short-circuit current: 5A


This newly developed interface card of Loop-AM3440 Dry Contact card is ideal for collecting alarm inputs from
non-SNMP devices and issuing the information via SNMP trap. The dry contact card has a power relay and can
power up or power down those same devices in the event that one of them has failed for some reason or needs to be
shut off or restarted. The power relay can also be used to switch circuits in cases where the network system
architecture is flexible.

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Loop-AM3440-8DC Loop-AM3440-8DC-G 8-channel dry contact I/O plug-in module

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Product Specifications:

Dry Contact I/O card
Inputs - Outputs -
8-channel 2-port per card, 4-pair per port 8-channel 8-pair per card
Connector RJ45 Connector Screw type
Internal Resistance 1 K Initial Insulation Resistance Min. 100M ohm (at 500Vdc)
Activation Current 3 ma Max. Current 5A
Deactivation Current 1.5 ma Max. Voltage 100Vdc, 250Vac
Allowable Current 4 ma Short-circuit Current 5A


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