Loop-AM3440-B - QFXS/QFXO Voice Card

  • 4 telephone connections for QFXS
  • 4 central office or PBX line connections for QFXO
  • PLAR supported by QFXS For both QFXS/QFXO plug-in cards
  • Loop start or ground start (manufacture option)
  • 12KHz or 16KHz metering pulse (manufacture option)
  • ANSI, ETSI (manufacture option)
  • A, B, C, D Bit (manufacture option)
  • User programmable A-law or μ-law coding
  • User programmable loss adjustment
  • User programmable balance 600/900 ohm impedance
  • Most signaling conventions supported
  • Battery reverse supported

Loop Telecom’s QFXS/QFXO plug-in cards are a series of 2 different plug-in cards designed for the Loop-
AM3440-B. They allow voice frequency interfaces to be multiplexed as a 64 Kbps DS0 signal onto a digital
network. QFXS provides connections to four telephones while the QFXO provides four voice connections to
central office or PBX. Both QFXS/QFXO cards provide user selectable A-law or μ-law coding. Most popular
signaling conventions are supported, including PLAR (private line automatic ring down).

Ordering Information

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Model (Non RoHS compliant) Model (RoHS compliant) Description Note
Loop-AM3440-QFXS-x Loop-AM3440-QFXS-x-G Quad FXS voice card For AM3440-CHB only
Loop-AM3440-QFXS-M-x Loop-AM3440-QFXS-M-x-G Quad FXS with MP 16KHz voice card GS = Ground Start
Loop-AM3440-QFXS-M12-x Loop-AM3440-QFXS-M12-x-G Quad FXS with MP 12KHz voice card MP = Metering Pulse
Loop-AM3440-QFXS-GS-x Loop-AM3440-QFXS-GS-x-G Quad FXS with GS Transmit 12/16 KHz
Loop-AM3440-QFXS-GM-x Loop-AM3440-QFXS-GM-x-G   Quad FXS with GS and MP 16KHz voice card
For -48 Vdc (SDB) and 100 to 240 Vac (SAB) power supply only.
Loop-AM3440-QFXO-x Loop-AM3440-QFXO-x-G Quad FXO voice card For AM3440-CHB only
Loop-AM3440-QFXO-M-x Loop-AM3440-QFXO-M-x-G Quad FXO with MP 16KHz voice card GS = Ground Start
Loop-AM3440-QFXO-M12-x Loop-AM3440-QFXO-M12-x-G Quad FXO with MP 12KHz voice card MP = Metering Pulse
Loop-AM3440-QFXO-GS-x Loop-AM3440-QFXO-GS-x-G Quad FXO with GS Receive 12K / 16KHz
Loop-AM3440-QFXO-GM-x Loop-AM3440-QFXO-GM-x-G Quad FXO with GS and MP 16KHz voice card


Users Manual

Loop-AM3440-QFXS/QFXO-UM User�s Manual (paper hard copy--optional). A CD version of the For AM3440-CHB only - manual is already included as standard equipment.


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Voice Card (QFXS, QFXO)
Connector 4 RJ-11
Alarm Conditioning CGA busy after 2.5 seconds of LOS, LOF
Encoding A-law or μ-law, user selectable per card
AC impedance Balanced 600 or 900 ohms, user selectable per card
Longitudinal Rejection 55 dB
Loss Adjustment 0, 3, 6, or 9 dB transmit & receive, user selectable per card
Signal/ Distortion > 46dB with 1004 Hz, 0dBm input
Frequency Response - 0.25 to -1 dB from 300 to 3400 Hz
FXS Loop Feed Nominal - 48Vdc with 25mA current limit per port
1 REN at 5000 meters per port
20 Hz, other frequencies (manufacture option): 16.7 Hz, 25 Hz, 50 Hz
82 Vrms (sine wave)
FXS Ringing
User selectable ring cadence per card for PLAR function: 2 sec on 4 sec off, or 1 sec on 2 sec off
Ringing REN 0.5B (AC)
Detectable Ringing 25 Vrms
Loop Resistance ≤ 1800 Ω
DC impedance (ON-HOOK) > 1M Ω
235 Ω @ 25mA feed
FXO Ringing REN
DC impedance (OFF-HOOK)
90 Ω @ 100mA feed
Metering Pulse 12KHz/16KHz
􀁹 Power: 10dBm
􀁹 Sensitivity: -18dBm to -45dBm (manufacture option)
Signaling Loop Start, GND-Start, Metering Pulse (12KHz, 16KHz), DTMF, Dialing Pulse, PLAR,
Battery Reverse (support Line Reverse Signaling for Billing)
In-band signaling tones - transparent
Operational Temp. 0°C to +50°C
Relative Humidity 0% to 95%
FCC Part 68, CS-03 listed for connection to PSTN
NRTL safety listed: UL1459, CSA
ITU-T G.712


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