Loop-AM3440 -A Router Interface Card

  • 10 Base T, 10 /100 BaseT interfaces
  • Routing protocol: RIP-I, RIP-II
  • Software field upgradable
  • Data rates channelized n x 64 Kbps up to T1/ E1 capacity
  • Supporting Protocols: TCP/IP, PPP, HDLC
  • Management: VT-100, SNMP
  • RJ45 connectors

Loop Telecom’s Router plug-in card is designed for the Loop- AM3440 Access DCS-MUX. When used within the
Loop-AM3440, this card combines the function of a router and DTE. With this card, access from LAN to WAN is
accomplished within one box, resulting in savings in cost and in space.

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Loop-AM3440-RT Loop-AM3440-RT-G Router / Bridge Card

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Product Specifications
Router Interface
Number of ports 2 LAN ports, Max. 31 WAN ports
Physical Interface 10 Base T x 1, 10/100 BaseT x 1
Connector RJ45
Routing protocol RIP-I, RIP-II
Data Rates Channelized N x 64 Kbps up to T1/E1 capacity
Supporting Protocols TCP/IP, PPP, HDLC
Management VT-100, SNMP
Remote Bridge Interface
Ethernet functions Up to 8K MAC table
Cisco ISL packet transparent
VLAN packet transparent
Padding/un-padding Ethernet FCS


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