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1631 SX SMC Wideband Digital Cross-Connect System

The 1631 SX SMC employs a fully redundant and distributed control system, combined with a redundant matrix and generous I/O card protection schemes. The resultant system is fully protected from failure to ensure that you can rely on the 1631 SX SMC in your network. The 1631 SX SMC provides a link from SONET to international networks, allowing international payload transport with unmatched ease. With E1 physical interfaces and VT2 payload support, as well as hybrid DS3 interfaces with a mix of embedded E1s and DS1s, the 1631 SX SMC can transport just about anything. Using a 1631 SX SMC allows international payloads to be transported in your network as easily as existing SONET and asynchronous traffic.


Alcatel 1650 SMC STM-1/4 Optical Multi-Service Node

Alcatel 1650 SMC Optical Multi-Service Node is an ideal space-saving, next generation multi-service building block for local and metropolitan networks, providing unmatched performances for its room occupation. 

Alcatel 1650 SMC features all standard PDH and SDH interfaces from 2Mbps to 622 Mbps and offers Integrated Service Adapter (ISA) modules specifically designed for ATM or Packet Ring switching and Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet rate-adaptive transport through the optical network. 


Alcatel 1651 SM 622 Mbit/s (STM4) Synchronous Add Drop Multiplexer 

The Alcatel 1651 SM, Synchronous Acid-Drop Multiplexer, is part of Alcatel's family of products that comply with the synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) defined in ITU-T recommendation G.707. 

The 1651 SM is and STM-4 Add-Drop Multiplexer, i.e. is a transmission system able to drop/insert a wide range of miscellaneous tributaries from/into two 622 Mbit/s bidirectional synchronous streams sent in two directions, E and W. 

The tributaries can be both plesiochronous and synchronous, electrical and optical. 

The system can work as line terminal equipment, as line regenerator and Add-Drop Multiplexer, line protected or unprotected.

These are some of its main features:

1631 SX SMC

Alcatel 1650 SMC

1648-SM OC12TRIB Interface card


  • 2-34-45-140 Mbit/s plesiochronus tributaries. D/I capability up to 252x2 Mbit/s streams
  • Fiber Optic VC extender to remotised Customer terminal (1631 Fox system).
  • Synchronus STM 1 (155.250 Mbit/s) Electrical and optical tributaries.
  • Line terminal and Add-Drop configurations unprotected or protected at Optical Line, Tributary and at common Part level.
  • Wide optical interface choice
  • STM-16 Upgrading capability
  • Self healing protection schemes
  • Wide range of cross connect features.
  • Flexible tributary allocation inside STM-4 frame - VC4, VC3, VC12 grooming.
  • Wide service channel availability
  • Network management facilities.
  • Working with OFA capability.

    Alcatel 1660 SM - STM-64 Optical Multi-Service Node 

    The Alcatel 1660 SM is a capable multiservice provisioning platform (MSPP) with a 10 G capacity that builds next-generation multiservice SDH metro and regional transport networks. The Alcatel 1660 SM provides a single-shelf solution that integrates high-class transport functions SDH cross-connect and CWDM add/drop functionality together with carrierclass, Layer 2 packet/cell switching functions Ethernet, MPLS, resilient packet ring (RPR), and ATM. With these capabilities, the Alcatel 1660 SM addresses metro and regional applications and offers a multiservice transport platform to support revenues from multiple broadband services such as: 


    • Triple play
    • Private line and Ethernet virtual private LAN service (VPLS) business services
    • Mobile aggregation
    • Transport and lambda services

    Alcatel 1664 SM 2488 Mbit/s (STM-16) Synchronous Add Drop Multiplexer 

    The Alcatel 1664 SM Synchronous Add-Drop Multiplexer, is part of Alcatel's family of products that comply with the synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) defined in the relevant ITU-T Recommendations. The 1664 SM is an STM-16 system for transmission and add/drop of STM-1 and STM-4 signals. The tributaries can be 140/155 Mbit/s electrical, optical STM-1 and optical STM-4. Up to 8+1 (spare) 140 Mbit/s or STM-1 tributary units or up to 4 STM-4 tributary can be housed in the 1664 SM. Any mix of the above tributary units is possible in the same shelf. The system can be configured as Line Terminal Equipment, or as Add-Drop Multiplexer in both protected and unprotected configurations for transmission on standard and dispersion shifted fibers. 

    These are some of its features: 

    • 140 Mbit/s plesiochronous tributaries.
    • Synchronous STM 1 (155.250 Mbit/s) Electrical and Optical tributaries.
    • Synchronous STM 4 (622 Mbit/s) Optical tributaries.
    • Line Terminal and Add-Drop configurations unprotected or protected both at Tributary and at Common Part level.
    • Wide Optical Interface choice for transmission on G652, G653 and G654 fibers.
    • Self-healing ring protection schemes: SNC-P at VC4 level. 2 Fiber and 4 Fiber Multiplex Section Shared Protection Rings (MSSPRINGs).
    • Dual node ring interconnecting facility.
    • VC4 cross connect features.
    • Flexible tributary allocation inside STM-16 frame.
    • Wide service channel availability.
    • Network Management facilities.
    • Integrated OFA capability.
Description Product Name Order

Plesiochronous High Order Mux/Line


Plesiochronous High Order Mux


2/8 Mbps Multiplexer (ETSI)

Alcatel 1621 MX


2/34 Mbps Multiplexer (ETSI)

Alcatel 1631 MX/II


8/34 Mbps Multiplexer (ETSI)

Alcatel 1632 MX


34/140 Mbps Multiplexer (ETSI)

Alcatel 1643 MX/II


Plesiochronous Optical Fiber Line Equipment

2 Mbps Fiber Optic Line Terminal (ETSI)

Alcatel 1611 FL

8 Mbps Fiber Optic Line Terminal (ETSI)

Alcatel 1622 FL

4x2 Mbps Fiber Optic Line Terminal Multiplexer (ETSI)

Alcatel 1621 FL/II

34 Mbps Fiber Optic Line Terminal (ETSI)

Alcatel 1633 FL

16x2 Mbps Fiber Optic Line Terminal Multiplexer (ETSI)

Alcatel 1631 FL/II

64x2 Mbps Fiber Optic Line Terminal Multiplexer (ETSI)

Alcatel 1641 FL

Service Channel Equipment (3ch) (ETSI)

Alcatel 1692 FL
SDH/PDH Modems

155/45 or 155/34 Mbps modem (US and ETSI)

Alcatel 1643 ML


155/140 Mbps modem (ETSI)

Alcatel 1644 ML


Synchronous High Order Mux/Line
Synchronous Terminal Multiplexer

155 Mbps Terminal Multiplexer (ETSI)

Alcatel 1641 SMT


Synchronous High Order Add Drop Multiplexer

VC12 Fiber Optic Extender (ETSI)

Alcatel 1631 FOX


The Alcatel 1640 FOX (Fiber Optics eXtension) STM-1/4 multi-service node is a desktop or wall-mount SDH add-drop multiplexer (ADM) optimized for customer premises Alcatel 1640 FOX STM1/4


155 Mbps Compact Add/Drop multiplexer (ETSI)

Alcatel 1641 SM/C


155 Mbps Add/Drop multiplexer (ETSI)

Alcatel 1641 SM


622 Mbps Compact Add/Drop multiplexer (ETSI)

Alcatel 1651 SM/C


622 Mbps Add/Drop multiplexer (ETSI)

Alcatel 1651 SM


622 Mbps Regenerator (ETSI)

Alcatel 1655 SR


2.5 Gbps Compact Add/Drop multiplexer (ETSI)

Alcatel 1661 SM/C


2.5 Gbps Add/Drop multiplexer (ETSI)

Alcatel 1664 SM


2.5 Gbps Regenerator (ETSI)

Alcatel 1666 SR


10 Gbps Transport System (ETSI)

Alcatel 1674 SM


OC-3 (155 Mbps) SONET Transport System (US)

Alcatel 1603 SM


OC-12 (622 Mbps) SONET Transport System (US)

Alcatel 1612 SM


OC-48 (2.5 Gbps) SONET Transport System (US)

Alcatel 1648 SM


OC-192 (10 Gbps) SONET Transport System (US)

Alcatel 1692 SM


Synchronous Optical Fiber Line

2.5 Gbps Fiber Optic Line System (ETSI)

Alcatel 1664 SL


Optical Amplifier

Optical Amplifier/Wavelength Division Multiplexer (US)

Alcatel 1610 OA

Optical Amplifier (ETSI)

Alcatel 1664 OA
Optical Network Systems

Wavelength Division Multiplexing System (ETSI)

Alcatel 1686 WM


Synchronous High Order Cross-Connect Systems

4-3-1 Wideband Digital Cross-Connect (ETSI)

Alcatel 1641 SX

4-4 Broadband Digital Cross-Connect (ETSI)

Alcatel 1644 RN

3-1-0 Narrowband Digital Cross-Connect (US)

Alcatel 1630 SX

3-1 Wideband Digital Cross-Connect (US)

Alcatel 1631 SX

3-3 Broadband Digital Cross-Connect (US)

Alcatel 1633 SX



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